Glassiled, up-to-the minute technology for designers seeking a new dimension

Glassiled, up-to-the minute technology for designers seeking a new dimension

8. 7. 2009 v 16.13 - Glassiled, the result of extensive research by AGC Flat Glass Europe, integrates LEDs into laminated glass. Now, with this unique combination of glass and LEDs, designers’ creativity knows no limits – any and all architectural designs can be customised by varying the number of diodes, the colour or the base glass.

Honoured with awards at numerous trade fairs, including Batimat and, more recently, Interieur in Kortrijk and Equip’Baie in Paris, Glassiled is an absolute essential for creating up-to-the-minute, unique surroundings. The design of the Neumann building, ‘Light of a Third Kind’, is proof of its potential.

Hugo Neumann, the sole importer of the Targetti brand in Belgium and distributor of many other prestigious lighting brands, wanted to develop a building with an inventive design to showcase his products, an extraordinary universe to attract façade designers and interior design experts. From this desire was born ‘Light of a Third Kind’ in Wauthier-Braine, south of Brussels.

When designing the building, Hugo Neumann and architecture firm A2RC went on a hunt for revolutionary new materials from various domains. Glassiled ( gave their project an exciting new dimension: by day, the glass is totally transparent, but at night, it takes on an otherworldly air. As soon as the sun goes down, Martian-like script lights up along the building and an alien reminiscent of E.T. brings a touch of life to the façade, its curves reflected in mirrors and water.

Projects like this take some refining. The architect’s creativity and the customer’s ambitions made close cooperation with the glassmaker absolutely essential. And this strategy proved successful, allowing the plans on the architect’s drafting table to become reality via AGC’s sophisticated production lines. The result was an astonishing façade that stands testament to the excellent cooperation between all parties involved.

Other recent and original projects bearing Glassiled’s distinctive mark include the Design Hotel (d-hotel) in Marke (Belgium) and the theatre in Maisons-Alfort (France).

Glassiled, an amazing technological innovation, is definitely more than a match for any architectural challenge.



16. 7. 2008 v 17.43 - Former showroom Atelier Slavíček

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